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About us

At AMERAL we seek to revolutionize the value of red meat in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Where we develop many livestock and feed projects, fattening farms, slaughterhouses, and meat processing and products derived from it. In a short period of time, Admiral became a pioneer in the establishment of world class slaughterhouses in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Major achievements were made in securing two major slaughterhouse projects in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, including Makkah and Madinah, in addition to international projects.

Our vision

Enhancing the meat industry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by achieving the highest standards of hygiene, quality and distinguished services. And effective contribution towards social and environmental responsibility.

Our mission

In line with the objectives of Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030, we are taking the best and strict health measures to ensure high quality services.

Our goals


Establishing the largest network of 25 health slaughterhouses in strategic locations throughout the Kingdom by 2030.

number one

To become the most trustworthy name in the Saudi meat sector in terms of cleanliness, quality, service and customer satisfaction.




The first facility to slaughter and process red meat in accordance with the principles of Islamic law for the supply of halal meat and international standards.



The largest meat slaughtering facility in the Medina area.

Meat processing


Establishment of a meat plant for processing and packaging of products and the ability to produce frozen foods to satisfy all tastes.


The main production lines include frozen and cured meat products including shawarma, burger, minced meat, shish kebab, etc.


The factory is equipped with a quality control laboratory in order to fully control production on the latest model.


It also contains refrigerated storage units equipped with transportation.

Livestock markets

Slaughterhouses/slaughterhouses include large wholesale or retail livestock markets, where the market is designed in accordance with international standards for the care of livestock and animals.

Livestock raising and trade

Turn We were in the admiral of the importance of the livestock and meat manufacturing sector in the Saudi market where we secured the infrastructure to ensure the delivery and the necessary supplies at the level of livestock.

Determining two sites for establishing local livestock farms and fattening fields for raising livestock with respect to the climate and easy access to fodder and livestock transportation.

We are also developing relationships with well-known livestock suppliers in Sudan, Australia and Central Asia to ensure a stable supply of livestock

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Contact us

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